About the Electrifying Industry Launches

Australian industry accounts for 21% of all Australian greenhouse gas emissions. Setting a goal of zero carbon industry is not only essential for maintaining a safe climate – it will also help create the Australian industries of the future.

While electrification and renewable energy opens up many opportunities for business, we need to be ahead of the game to ensure these technologies maximise competition and growth.

Melbourne Summit

The Melbourne Electrifying Industry Summit will open up a constructive conversation on how renewable energy can improve efficiency and reduce costs for manufacturers.

The aims of the summit are to:

  • introduce electrical heating processes and raise awareness of their potential for manufacturing

  • provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience for delegates to gather information on renewable technologies, purchasing renewable energy and carbon finance (risk, opportunities, innovative financing models)

  • start a constructive conversation between governments, manufacturers and allied industries about how to progress renewable energy opportunities for industry.

Beyond Zero Emissions will also launch its new research report at the summit. Electrifying Industry will show how industrial heat can be electrified and powered by renewable electricity.

Newcastle Future of Industry and Manufacturing

This will provide a forum for industry and manufacturers to learn about new processes, heating techniques, fuel switching, using smart approaches including the Internet of Things (IoT) and how to finance large scale renewables. It will also provide a great chance to learn how the state government can assist businesses, with many opportunities to forge new connections and expand your network.

About Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions is a volunteer powered climate solutions think tank. We rank as one of the top international think tanks, and recently won "Best International Energy Think Tank" at the 2018 Prospect Think Tank Awards.

We are a community of technology experts, scientists, researchers, communicators and concerned citizens who freely give our time and expertise so that a safe climate can be secured for all.

Our Mission is to show a zero emissions Australia is achievable and affordable now.