The Electrifying Industry Summit will bring together experts in manufacturing, heat processes and renewable energy technology. The summit will address the question:

“How can renewable energy support manufacturers to be a vibrant, growing powerhouse in the Victorian economy?”

What to Expect

  1. An introduction to the technologies of switching to all-electric production using renewable energy

  2. Gain an understanding of the type of electrical technologies that can provide manufacturing heat

  3. Gain an understanding of how group purchase power agreements can secure cost-competitive renewable electricity

  4. Receive a comprehensive update on finance and carbon, including new investment models available

  5. Gain an understanding of how electrical technologies can support business outcomes (eg PV, batteries, energy trading and blockchain, electric vehicles)

  6. Develop relationships and networks that can support your transition to renewable energy

  7. Have access to a one day ‘one stop shop’ for government initiatives that can support south east Melbourne manufacturers to implement energy efficiency and electrification.