Let's take a ride in an electric car*

Australia can easily and affordably replace all petrol and diesel cars in ten years.

Our Electric Vehicle report found that electric cars are already cheaper to run, and within ten years they’ll be cheaper to buy. They’ll make our air cleaner and they’ll wipe out 8% of Australia’s greenhouse gases.

But there’s another big opportunity for Australia as we transition to electric cars - manufacturing.

The global market for renewable energy and efficiency solutions will be more than US $2.3 trillion.  This is a broad market that includes materials, manufacturing and transportation. Australian industries can find niche products and parts of the supply chain that match our strengths.

SEA Electric is a Dandenong manufacturer leading the way with their 100% electric SEA-Drive technology - soon to hit the roads. We’re delighted to welcome Austin Phillips, Head of Sales at SEA Electric, to our panel on electric vehicles, as part of our inaugural summit ‘Electrifying Industry’ to be held at the Australian Synchrotron next month.

The summit is a chance for manufacturers, policymakers and industry to come together to explore the opportunities in the coming decade for a revival of Australian manufacturing powered by renewable energy.

We’ll also be launching our latest report ‘Electrifying Industry’ which demonstrates how Australian manufacturing can not only survive but thrive in the next wave of the industrial revolution - the zero-carbon economy. It includes 10 ‘How to electrify’ case studies for developing many common industrial materials without fossil fuels, including pre-prepared meals, beer, milk powder, paper, aluminium casting, brick, glass, plastic, steel, & ammonia.

Book your tickets to Electrify Industry soon to hear from our panel of electric Vehicle experts.

Listen to our interview with SEA Electric Managing Director Tony Fairweather here.

*Full credit to They Might Be Giants